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For many industries, gloves serve as one of the main lines of defense to protect businesses and consumers alike. At Unidus (HK) corporation., we don’t take safety for granted, and as a result, we’ve provided gloves of the highest degree of quality and consistency since the beginning.

Whether you need vinyl, nitrile, latex, or stretch vinyl gloves, we have the products you need for the customers you serve. From food service to healthcare and food processing, our wide selection of gloves will satisfy the industries you specialize in.

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Details About TPE Disposable Gloves

Unidus (HK) Corp.’s new thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are a fantastic alternative to vinyl and polyethylene gloves and are normally designed for foodservice applications. Without containing any plastifier, strong tensile and elongation make it take place of PVC and nitrile gloves in some special application.


  • Better Fit than Poly Gloves
  • High tensile and elongation
  • Savings Over Vinyl Gloves
  • Smooth & Soft Grip&stereo embossing
  • Disposable & Durable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Softer & more Comfortable, better fit, reduce hand fatigue even for long hours of wearing,
  • Protection from hygiene purpose
  • Embossed surface provides better grip
Name High-Quality Disposable TPE glove
Application: Widely used in hospital, food service, washing, etc
Colors of Disposable TPE Glove Clear or Blue or any color is available
Size of Disposable TPE of Glove S(28*22CM) M(28*24CM) L(29*24CM) XL(29*26CM)or as customers’ request
Weight of Disposable TPE  Glove 1.6g-2.2g
Material  PE Stretchable(TPE)  Glove
Features Soft and environmental
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Minimum Order Quantity 200CTN
Loading port Shanghai, China
Packaging Details of Disposable TPE glove 100pcs/box 10boxs/CTN  or as per customer require
Delivery Time 10 Days After Receipt Of Deposit Payment
Payment Terms  T/T, L/C at sight
Supply Ability 10000Cartons/month
Standard TUV, ISO9001, CE
Quality check Third-party inspection is acceptable
Samples Free of charge with a certain quantity

Quality Standards:
Conforms to ASTM/FDA 21 CFR177.1520/EN 1186 standards.
Manufactured under QSR HACCP and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Product Comparison List
Below is the comparison among different kinds of gloves which may give you better visibility of the advantage of TPE gloves.

Commodity NAME Latex Nitrile PVC CPE-Glove TPE
Material LATEX Nitrile PVC CPE TPE
Price High High 50% of Latex 50% of PVC 70% of PVC
Tensile Strength Good Good Worse than Latex Worse than PVC Better than PVC
Elongation Good Good Worse than Latex Worse than Latex Better than PVC
Soft & Comfortable Good Good
Bad Better than PVC
Reaction Allergic Sulfur & Other Odor Toxic Substances of DOP/DNP NO NO
Flexible Good Good
Bad Good


Model No.:TPE
Length(mm) 270±5
Weight (g) 1.9±0.1 2.0±0.1 2.1±0.1 2.3±0.1
Thickness—Embossed(mm) 0.04±0.02
Thickness—non Embossed 0.035±0.002
Thumb(mm) 58 65 65 65
Index (mm) 60 68 70 72
Middle (mm) 75 78 80 84
Ring finger (mm) 65 68 72 77
Pinkie (mm) 50 55 55 58

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