PVC Coated Work Glove

PVC Coated gloves are available in the smooth or rough finish for extra grip. PVC Coated gloves are known as chemical resistant gloves and the most economical gloves. They have an interlock lining to absorb perspiration and are molded to fit the hands. They are used in Chemical, Construction, Mining, Oil, Gas, Painting, and Oil Refineries.


Polyester, PVC, full PVC

Glove Size

7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”

Color of Coating

Black, Blue, Red, Green, customized

Coating type

Full coated, Knit Wrist coated

Packing Qty

1 pair per headcard, 12 pairs per polybag, 240 or 360 pairs per carton, per customers' requirements

Details About PVC Coated Work Glove

Full PVC Coated Gloves have a smooth finish with Black PVC coating. They are one of the most economical chemical resistance gloves. It has an interlock lining to absorb perspiration and is molded to fit the hands.

PVC Coated Gloves w/ Knit Wrist have a smooth finish with Black PVC coating. It has an Interlock Lining for moisture absorption.


Petroleum and chemical industry, construction, automobile maintenance, mechanical assembly, agriculture industries, etc.


  • Ultra Supple Seamless, PVC Dipped provides protects from a wide spectrum of chemicals and oils
  • Rough Surface allows objects to be gripped firmly in wet and oily environments.
  • Seals and protects the hand against chemicals while remaining flexible.
  • Ideals for fuel transport, mechanics. petrochemistry.
  • Specification
    Glove size 9/L 10/XL 11/XXL
    Min. length of the glove 25 cm 26 cm 27 cm
    Width of palm 9.5–10.4 cm 10.5–11.4 cm 11.5–12.4 cm
    Length of palm 21–21.5 cm 21.6–22.1 cm 22.2–22.5 cm
    Item Description
    Executive standard EN388 4121 x EN374
    Liner material Cotton
    Coating material PVC
    Coating process Sandy and smooth coatings
    Specification Short and long gloves
    Long glove size 27 cm,30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm.
    Short glove size 9(L)–11(XXL)
    Colors Orange, green, blue, red, etc.

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