PU Coated Work Glove

PU coated gloves are a kind of work safety gloves made of yarn gloves with a layer of polyurethane coating.


70% polyester , nylon, 30% PU

Glove Size

7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”

Color of Liner

Grey, White, Black, Blue, Red (or customized)
Color of Coating: White, Grey Black
Cuff finish: Polyester, Elastic Yarn Knitted

Coating Color

White, Grey Black

Cuff Finish

Polyester, Elastic Yarn Knitted

Details About PU Coated Work Glove

Polyurethane gloves are well known as PU Gloves covered with a protective polyurethane coating. The main materials made of nylon which are usually thin and light. As work glove, however, worth noting that this doesn’t compromise their mechanical properties i.e. tear resistance and high abrasion. Another property possessed by PU coated gloves is durability. Polyurethane has a perfect resistance to ozone corrosion as well as aliphatic solvents. PU coated gloves are best in microelectronics, light automotive, product inspection, and photographic equipment industries.


Maintenance, electronic, Assembly of small parts, Assembly of small parts,


  • Comfortable with the anatomical shaped fit, seamless lining for extra comfort while the open back style allows excellent breathability.
  • Allowing excellent freedom of movement and reduction of hand fatigue.
  • Ideal for precision tasks requiring dexterity and flexibility.
  • Anti-static, anti-dust.
  • Excellent elastic, micro-pore structure.
  • Ideal for precision instrument assembly.
  • Good handling ability of small objects in dry and light oily conditions and reduces the risk of product contamination.
  • Specification
    Item Description
    Executive standard EN388 3131
    Yarn-based glove material Nylon and polyester
    Gauge 13 gauge, 15 gauge, 18 gauge.
    Coating position Palm dip and fingertip dip
    Color White, blue, black, gray, etc.
    Glove Size 7/S 8/M 9/L 10/XL 11/XXL
    Min. length of glove 23 cm 24 cm 25 cm 26 cm 27 cm
    Width of palm 7.5–7.4 cm 8.5–9.4 cm 9.5–10.4 cm 10.5–11.4 cm 11.5–12.4 cm
    Length of palm 18–19.9 cm 20–20.9 cm 21–21.5 cm 21.6–22.1 cm 22.2–22.5 cm

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