Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

Nitrile coated gloves are a type of gloves made from synthetic rubber. The compound Nitrile is a co-polymer and its production process is relatively simple and quite similar to that of rubber production. The main features of seamless knit nylon gloves are its good grip and dexterity. Solid nitrile coated fingers and palm usually provide abrasion, superior grip, extremely thin and very durable, breathable back for comfort

Applications: Petrochemical processing, paint printing, automotive and mechanical maintenance, cleaning, and maintenance work.

  • Assembly and mounting for mechanical subcontracting (automotive industry)
  • Treatment of paper and cardboard (use of cutters)
  • Flashing operations in the plastic industry
  • Canning plant, glass, metallurgy, and sheet metal work
  • Handling sharp objects such as glass, metal, ceramics and plastics, automotive assembly, wiring, HVAC installation, paper & pulp industry, textile industry, and other applications requiring ultimate cut protection.

Nylon, Nitrile Rubber

Glove Size

7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”

Color of Liner

Grey, or customized

Color of Coating

Black, Yellow, Purple, Blue (or customized)

Cuff finish

Elastic yarn knit

Details About Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

  • Good elasticity. The elastic nitrile rubber and elastic lining provide great comfort to your hands.
  • Good physical properties. tear resistance, puncture resistance, and slip resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance. Grade 1 oil, acid, and alkali resistance.
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Great cut resistance performance.
  • Item Description
    Main Executive standard EN 388 4122X
    Wear resistance Grade 4
    Cut resistance Grade 1
    Tear resistance Grade 2
    Anti-puncture ability Grade 1
    Base yarn material Polyester yarn, nylon yarn, polyester-cotton yarn, recycled cotton yarn, and fleecy loop yarn.
    Yarn gauge 13 gauge and 15 gauge.
    Surface treatment Crinkle nitrile coated, sandy nitrile coated, foam nitrile coated, smooth nitrile coated, anti-slip dots coated, etc.
    Coated part Palm coated, thumb coated, 3/4 coated, fully coated, double-layer coated, etc.
    Coating color Orange, yellow, green, blue, red, pink, purple, black, gray, etc.

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