Latex Glove

This product is widely used in medical examination, dental clinic, food processing, hair dying, laboratory, house cleaning, etc. It can prevent cross-infection between patients and users.


Powdered, Powder-free, Smooth, Textured

Glove Size

S, M, L, XL


Natural, Blue, Green with Mint Flavor, Black.

Packing Qty

100pcs per box, 10box per ctn

Loading Qty

1200 cartons per 20 ft, 2800 cartons per 40 ft, 3000 cartons per 40 HQ

Details About Latex Glove

Non-sterile, powder-free Acree latex gloves are quality tested, medical disposable gloves with high tear resistance, are comfortable to wear, and have sensitive tactile sensation. The smooth inside makes it easy to put the latex gloves on, while the rolled cuffs allow easy removal after use.

There also have upgraded soft latex gloves are powder-free, but are easy to put on, thanks to their polymer inner lining. The microbead surface also provides these latex gloves with an excellent grip for handling instruments, even in difficult working environments.


Description Size Standard
Length(mm) All Sizes Min 240
Palm Width(mm) XSS




76 +/- 384 +/- 3

94 +/- 3

105 +/- 3

113 +/- 3

Thickness(mm) *single wall All Sizes Finger:0.11 +/- 0.02(Typical value:0.09-0.11)

Palm:0.10 +/- 0.02

(Typical value:0.08-0.11)

Typical Physical Properties:

Item No. Weight
( M size)
Type Color Length Tensile Strength Elongation rate AQL level Palm thickness (mm) Finger Thickness (mm) Suggest for usage
LA1011 5.0g Powdered Milky White ≥ 240mm ≥7 N ≥ 600% 2.5 ≥ 0.08 ≥ 0.08 Medical examination, Industrial, food process, laboratory, hair beauty, etc.
LA1012 5.0g Powder-free Milky White ≥ 240mm ≥7 N ≥ 600% 2.5 ≥ 0.08 ≥ 0.08
LA1021 5.5g Powdered Milky White ≥ 240mm ≥7 N ≥ 650% 1.5 ≥ 0.08 ≥ 0.08
LA1022 5.5g Powder-free Milky White ≥ 240mm ≥7 N ≥ 650% 1.5 ≥ 0.08 ≥ 0.08

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