Flocklined Houshold Latex gloves

Latex household glove is made of high-quality natural latex, comfortable feeling to wear which mainly use for these fields:

* General household use
* Agriculture and gardening
* Cleaning and janitorial
* Kitchen and catering
* Food processing and handling


Natural latex, Latex


Yellow, Blue, White, Green, Red

Glove Size

S, M, L, XL, 7", 8 ", 9 ", 10", 11"


opp bag, stand box, customized package with your design is also accepted

Details About Flocklined Houshold Latex gloves


* Excellent flexibility of natural latex, cotton lining, anatomical design, contour shape for better comfort
* Soft and easy to wear, adapted for contact with water and routine cleaning products.
* Durable for better protection of your hands
* Fishscale, Diamond or Honeycomb pattern for better grip
* Precision touch and excellent grip.
* Increased physical resistance due to the quality of cotton lining.

Liner Type: 
* Sprayed Flocklined – 100% cotton flocked liner for added comfort and moisture absorbency
* Dipped Flocklined – economical choice, the flock lining for easily taking on and off
* Unlined – unflocked gloves which feel better on the skin and provide a greater ability to manipulate things

Physical property Tensile strength ( Mpa) Ultimate elongation
Before aging ≥ 12 ≥ 600
After accelerated aging ≥ 9 ≥ 450

We also provide Flocklined nitrile gloves, Dipped-lined latex gloves, Unlined latex gloves, Unlined nitrile gloves.


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