CPE Shoe Cover

These shoe covers are made of CPE, PE, or PVC and are ideally suited for use in the operating theatre. The quality shoe covers feature an elastic band and can, therefore, be used with any shoe size.

Regular Material


Regular Size

15X36cm, 15X39cm

Colors Availabe

White, Blue, Green, Red

Details About CPE Shoe Cover

Size Information:

Description Packing
 CPE shoe cover,15x36cm,0.03mm 10pcs/roll,100pcs/bag,2000pcs/carton
 CPE shoe cover,15x36cm,0.04mm 10pcs/roll,100pcs/bag,2000pcs/carton
 CPE shoe cover,15x39cm,0.1mm 10pcs/roll,100pcs/bag,1000pcs/carton
 CPE shoe cove,15x39cm,0.15mm 10pcs/roll,100pcs/bag,1000pcs/carton
 CPE shoe cover,15x39cm,1.7gr,hand made  10pcs/roll,100pcs/bag,4000pcs/carton
 CPE shoe cover,15x39cm,1.7gr,machine made  10pcs/roll,100pcs/bag,4000pcs/carton
 PE shoe cover,15x39cm,1.7gr,hand made  10pcs/roll,100pcs/bag,4000pcs/carton
 PE shoe cover,145x39cm,1.7gr,machine made  10pcs/roll,100pcs/bag,4000pcs/carton
 CPE shoe cover,15x39cm,1.7gr,machine made
in individual packing
 2pcs/individual bag,50bags/mid bag,4000pcs/carton
 Coated shoe cover,CPE 40mic+PP 15gsm,17x41cm,
shining lavender color


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